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Nand Gaon
Nadgaon lies 8.5 km north of Barsana on the metalled road to Mathura (56 km). According to tradition, it was the home of Shri Krishna's foster father, Nand. On the top of the hill is the spacious temple of Nand Rai, built by the Jat ruler Roop Singh. The other temples here are dedicated to Narsingha, Gophinath, Nritya Gopal, Girdhari, Nand Nandan and Yashoda Nandan which is located half way up the hill. A little beyond is the Pan Sarovar, a large lake with masonry ghats along its sides. Legend has it, that this was the place where Shri Krishna used to take his cows for water. Not far away is the Kadamb grove called Udhoji - ki- Kyari.
Barsana, 50 km to the north-west of Mathura and 19 km north-west of Govardhan, is situated at the foot of a hill that is named after Brahma. Barsana was once the home of Radha-Rani, Krishna's beloved and consort. Temples dedicated to the divine couple ornament the four elevations of the hill. The main among them is the Radha-Rani Temple, more fondly referred to as the Ladliji Temple. The most beautiful temple at Barsana, it was built by Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo of Orchha in 1675. The new marble temple adjoining it is a later addition. The other three shrines are the Man Mandir, Dargah and Mor-Kutir temples. The area between the hill housing the Radha-Rani Temple and the adjoining one, is known as the Sankari-Khor. This is the venue of the annual fair held in the month of Bhadon (July-August).
Govardhan is situated 25 km west of Mathura on the state highway to Deeg. A famous place of Hindu pilgrimage, Govardhan is located on a narrow sandstone hill known as Giriraj which is about 8 km in length. The young Lord Krishna is said to have held Giriraj up on the tip of a finger for 7 days and nights to shield the people of Braj from the deluge of rain sent down by Lord Indra.
Just 5 km north of Govardhan and 26 km west of Mathura, Radhakund is a large lake, where Shri Krishna is said to have killed Arista - the bull demon. To commemorate this event, every year on the 8th day of the dark half of the month of Kartik (Oct./Nov.), a large fair Ahoi Astami is held here.
Kusum Sarovara
Being the birth place of Lord Krishna, Mathura is one of the most sacred destinations of India. As the legend goes, Mathura was founded in the Treta era by Shatrughna, the younger brother of Lord Rama and later was under the royalty of King Kamsa, the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna. According to Hindu mythology, Kamsa heard a divine prophecy saying that he would be killed by his sister Devki's eighth son Krisha. Hence, he imprisoned Devki and her husband Vasudeva and kept on killing their children one after another.
Mansi Ganga
After Krishna killed Vatsasura, who was a demon and who took the form of a calf, His friends told Him He had to go bathe in the Ganges for purification. Not wanting to travel all the way to the Ganges, Krishna by His meditation brought the Ganges to this place. Once Nanda and Yasoda, hearing of the glories of the Ganges River, had a desire to bathe in it. The residents of Braja did not want to leave Vrindavana, though Krishna was willing to take them there despite the great distance. They wishfully said, "I wish mother Ganga would come here." To fulfill the desires of His devotees, Krishna entered into meditation and from His mind sprung the kunda known as Manasi Ganga. Krishna told His father that it was not necessary to go to the Ganges, as it was already present in Braja. Krishna then brought His father to Manasi Ganga and they took bath there. It is also said that Radharani and Krishna would go boating on this lake.
Shri Krishna Janma Bhoomi (The Birth Place Of Lord Krishna)
A vast temple complex situated in the heart of Mathura is one of the foremost places of Hindu veneration. It contains many smaller temples among which lies the age old prison of tyrant king Kamsa where Lord Krisha was born in order to save the universe from all evils. You have to be patient and maintain the long queue before entering into the narrow prison. The temple had been destroyed number of times in the ages of Mohammed Gazni, Sikander Lodi and Aurangzeb but had been restored every time. You have to undergo a security checking at the gate and we request you to co-operate with the guards. You will be asked to leave you mobile phone outside the premises.
Dwarika Dheesh
The Dwarkadish Temple, built in 1814, is a popular temple in the center of town. This is the most visited temple in Mathura. This temple is managed by followers of Vallabhacarya, by the Pusti-marg Gosvamis. In this temple there is a Deity of a four-armed form of Krishna known as Dwarkadhish or Dwarikanathaji (Lord of Dwarka), with a Deity of Rukmini by his side. Dwarka is located at the westernmost end of Gujarat and is where Krishna ruled as the king.It is fairly interesting architecturally and there is a lot of activity inside. The walls and ceiling are beautifully painted with pastimes of Krishna.
The most celebrated of Shri Krishna's abode, Gokul lies across the Yamuna, 1.6 km from Mahavan and 10 km south-east of Mathura. It was here that Lord Krishna was brought up in secrecy by Vasudeva, in the pastoral beauty of this village on the banks of the Yamuna. Gokul attained importance during the time of Vallabhacharya (1479-1531) when it became a major centre of the Bhakti cult. The three oldest temples in the place are those dedicated to Gokulnath, Madan Mohan and Vitthalnath, said to have been built around 1511. The other temples include those of Dwarika Nath and Balkrishna in the shrines which were built in the honour of Lord Mahadeo in 1602 by Raja Vijai Singh of Jodhpur.
Raman Reti
While staying in Chatikara it is said that Krishna and Balarama would come with the cowherd boys to Raman Reti daily to play. It is also said that Krishna and Radharani would meet here every night, before going to Vrindavana to enjoy Their pastimes. This area is located a few km from the main downtown area. The Krishna Balarama Temple is located in Raman Reti. There are two trees, about a six minute walk from the ISKCON temple, on the parikrama path. These two interwined trees are white and black. The black tree is said to represent Krishna and the white tree, Balarama. They are known as the Krishna-Balarama tree.
Brahamand Ghat
Here, the small boy Krishna at earth while playing with the cowherd boys. The boys saw this and told Mother Yashoda, who asked Balram about it. Balram verified the fact. She went to Krishna and asked Him herself, "Have You eaten clay?" He replied, "No, Maiya, I did not eat clay." "All right, Kanhaiya, open Your mouth and show me." "You can see, Maiya," He said as He opened His mouth. Looking into Kanhaiya's mouth, Maiya became dumbstruck. There, she saw innumerable universes, countless Brahmas, Vishnus and Maheshas (Shiva), and all moving and non-moving entities. She closed her eyes in fear and thought, "What is this that I am seeing? Is it an illusion or someone's magical powers?" Upon opening her eyes, Mother Yashoda saw that Kanhaiya was sitting on her lap. She returned to the house and called the brahmanas, who recited blessings to pacify the wrath of the demigods.
Chaurasi Khamba
There are several temples in the town of Kaman. One of the most important temples is the Govindaji Temple, which has the deity of Vrinda Devi in it. To the east of town is Vimala Kunda. About half a km north of Vimala Kunda are Dharma Kunda and the important Kameswara Mahadeva Siva Temple. A little west of town is Chaurasi Khamba. About 2km southwest of town is Charan Pahari, where the footprints of Lord Krishna are enshrined. Northwest of the town of Kaman are Vyomasura’s cave and Bhojan Sthali. All these places can be visited in about five hours, if you move fast. Much of your time is spent driving to the next place.
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