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B.K Pachori
(Managing Director)
Hare Krishna Travels is excellence and perfection in travel needs offering a unique experience to every guest. It is said that holidays are enjoyed and made memorable only being with the right people, people you can relax with and put all your trust in. come experience the joy of being a ‘GUEST’ not just a mere customer of Hare Krishna Travels.

Our personalized attention to guest needs while traveling is not a virtue, but a way of life for our dedicated staff members.

Hare Krishna Travels with its young and latest state-of –the-art fleet of luxury coaches and cars in important tourist destination of temples is proud to begin your holiday even before you reach
your destination, thus crafting its own contribution to world tourism.

We gladly introduce you to the travel network of Hari Krishna Travel a premier travel excursion service operator with head office in Brandavan, with their own respective fleet of latest coaches and cars at disposal.

Branch office are equipped with the latest communication system like e-mail; fax etc to keep in constant and instant touch round the clock with the agents and the rest of the world.

Hare Krishna Travel with its head office in the city of  Krishna commutes to various temples and the entry points in total luxury with guide/escort service to make you familiar with the city and its history besides making all travel arrangement with a professional team to perfection.
Our Network   Top Attractions

Head Office
Shop no. 01, Basant Bihar Market
Opp. Chitrakut Ashram
Near ISKCON Temple, Vrindavan
Branch Office
Near Uco Bank, Shop No. 11
Satya Dham Market,
Chaitnya Vihar, Vrindavan
Vishram Ghat
Shri Krishna Janma Bhoomi
Govindaji Temple
Krishna Balarama Mandir
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